Dispute Resolution

Employee Disputes

We believe in building life long relationships and peaceful settlement of disputes in order to ensure business continuity and sustainability. See our policies.

India is ranked 186 out of 189 countries in "enforcing contracts" as per Doing Business 2014 Report published by World Bank.

It is just impossible to settle anything through courts and government authorities. All parties to dispute loose money and opportunities to grow in life. Often, personal ego clashes, grudges and enmity ruin many lives associated with an enterprise.

If business operations are allowed to continue uninterruptedly then customers get good products, employees get good salary, suppliers get good business, governments get good amount of taxes and society enjoys from development initiatives.

So, if you are not happy with our business activities, policies and conduct of any employee or associate, then please email us at ethics@lifeforeveryone.com.

Your email must contain following details:

  1. Your complete contact information (official and residential)

  2. How you were engaged with Life Group

  3. Short description of dispute or conflict of interest

  4. List of cases/complaints you have filed in any court or government authority

  5. Present status of cases/complaints

  6. Your practical proposal to settle the dispute in a win-win proposition

We will promptly respond to all practical proposals. You will be suitably replied by appropriate authority or through secured post on this website.